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Happy 10th Anniversary!

Beaches Pediatrics: A Decade Ahead

It’s our anniversary! Beaches Pediatrics opened its doors 10 years ago today with one doctor, two staff members and one goal: to help parents improve their children’s health. In response to patient demand, we now have two offices to care for Jacksonville’s children and families. Pediatric medicine has changed over the past decade, and so has Beaches Pediatrics. So let’s take a quick look at these changes!

Care for children has changed as the landscape of illness, information technology and medication has changed. “Dick and Jane” books have given way to computer literacy. Because of the recent trend of vaccine refusals, children are once again getting measles, mumps, whooping cough and meningitis—diseases that had all but disappeared early in the decade. Meanwhile, children now are more frequently diagnosed with obesity, autism, behavioral problems, anxiety and depression. And, thanks to the overuse of antibiotics over the past decade, pediatricians are now dealing with increasingly resistant bacterial infections in children.
In spite of the increase in some disorders, pediatric medicine has gone from a reactive profession, dealing with curing disease, to a proactive profession focusing on family health and dynamics. As the amount of medical information has increased over 10 years, pediatricians now not only care for children, but also help parents navigate the ever-increasing morass of information. The Web is a great tool, and “Dr. Google” is a great source of information. Some of it is accurate, but some of it is false and frightening. As part of our job as pediatricians, we need to be able to help parents separate fact from fiction.

Beaches Pediatrics began as an attempt to bring balance to children’s health care. We focus on the family and the child’s relationship to that family. We try to help parents maintain their child’s health so that office visits and medications are only rarely needed. We advocate for the use of the same natural remedies that grandma liked: tea and honey, salt water nasal rinses, and a wholesome diet with an active life style. We work on helping parents and children become families—eating together, playing together, and growing together. We try to ensure that children are doing well in school and help parents find resources if they are not. We screen for behavioral problems, anxiety, and depression and guide parents to improve their child’s mental health.

Caring for children in pediatrics is more than diagnosing strep throat, ear infections, and pneumonia. It is caring for families. Hence our motto: “Your family is our family.” Beaches Pediatrics has changed over the years in response to changes in medical knowledge, information technology, and children’s needs. What we have not changed is our focus on cutting-edge medicine and our commitment to keeping your children happy and healthy and ready for the next 10 years and beyond!


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