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The following links may help you learn more about your babies, children and their development & medical issues.

Please note that Beaches Pediatrics is responsible neither for the content of these links nor for subsequent links that may be found therein. Information from these sites should not be considered a substitute for medical advice from you child’s doctor.

Florida Poison Control  1-800-222-1222

• When your child is sick: – what to do and when to call the doctor

Useful Medical Links

• Healthy – Powered by pediatricians. Trusted by parents.

• Dr. Cooper Juice Plus+ – Enjoy the benefits of whole food based nutrition

• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

• CDC Vaccines & Immunizations

• ADHD Resources

• Car Seat Safety and Information

• Tips for Child Safety

• Healthy Diet

• Breastfeeding – La Leche League International

• Safety Recalls

Other Useful Links

• – How to Keep Your Home Tidy

• – Home maintenance services to help elderly grandparents age in place

• Vocabulary Practice – Feed the poor and practice vocabulary at the same time!-free site

• Mint.comMoney Management for young adults – free Quicken-type online program to budget, etc

• – Money Management for 6-12 year olds – small yearly family membership.

• – the “marketplace” for health insurance

• – learn about Medicaid benefits and eligibility